Onsite or Return to Base Repair 2018-06-21T13:11:08+00:00

On-Site or Return to Base (RTB) Repair

Client’s equipment can either be repaired on the client site (where possible) or back at our repair facility in Northampton, depending upon the type of warranty offered.

At GO AV our service vans can also carry a stock of replacement parts specific to the clients equipment. This, in simple terms means that often an on-site repair of a faulty piece of equipment can be undertaken. This in turn negates the need to swap out the faulty unit and replace it with another (see our de-install & re-install service).

If the repair cannot be undertaken ‘on site’ the defective unit can be taken back to our central repair facility where it will be examined, repaired and fully bench tested by our highly skilled technicians.

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